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937-352-4961Anonymous Aug 29 2012 Company called me and told me to enter my phone number to confirm that i was on the do not call list. I entered my phone number and it said "your phone number has been removed from the do not call list." then it had me press a couple of button to speak to an operator and i was on hold for five minutes or so until i realized that it was fraudulent. I am terrified that i have just been identity theft-ed. If someone could please call my number at
937-352-4961Anonymous Sep 17 2012 This is what I learned: http://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/telemarketing-companies/wca-subscriber-services-in-clearwater-fl-90107305. I got called from them too but didn't answer and called it back from my cell and got a message that it was the WCA Subscriber Service. Seems they have an "F" rating with the BBB.
937-352-4961Anonymous Sep 25 2012 My phone number is on the do not call list and this number repeatedly calls my phone, they never leave a message when I don't answer. Just hang up.
937-352-4961An Android User Sep 19 2012 Internet survey
937-352-4961An Android User Sep 19 2012 I answered they didn't say anything
937-352-4961An Android User Sep 13 2012 Spam
937-352-4961Anonymous Oct 12 2012 Received phone call on my cell phone, called it back on home phone, told it was WCA, and my number was not on their subscriber list.
937-352-4961Anonymous Oct 18 2012 someon from WCA keeps calling me also and my number is on the DO CALL LIST but it just keeps calling me. WOW stop calling me.
937-352-4961Anonymous Nov 02 2012 They keep calling my cell phone and I am on the "do not call" list. They are persistent and will not leave messages if phone is not answered. They just keep calling. I tried to unscribe today, not sure that will work. Had to listen to a message about their services before they would let me unscribe. How did they get my number to begin with?
937-352-4961Anonymous Nov 10 2012 This caller is very persistent. Sometimes 2-3 calls per day. Have unscribed from them (after having to listen to their pitch before I could unscribe) and are still getting calls. This is harassment and I wish it to stop!!!!
937-352-4961Bob Aug 03 2012 we just had a ring with this no., we did not answer, & these people ended up leaving no msg. Now we can see why.
937-352-4961Patricia Aug 16 2012 had 1st ring tonight.  Didn't pass on msg. Just states "Xenia, Oh".
937-352-4961Nobuko Aug 17 2012 keeps on phoning. Who was this
937-352-4961Zackary Aug 18 2012 WCA Subscriber services // again!
937-352-4961Felicidad Aug 23 2012 we happen to be rang two times by this no.
937-352-4961Jackie Sep 08 2012 just got a ring with this no., we didnt reply this.
937-352-4961Anonymous Dec 05 2012 Get a Google Voice number. It's free. I use it as my "home" number and avoid getting calls from places like this.
937-352-4961An Android User Sep 19 2013 I answered they didn't say anything
937-352-4961An Android User Sep 19 2013 Internet survey
937-352-4961An Android User Sep 13 2013 Spam
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