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877-763-2883Fred J Aug 08 2011 I have been getting calls from someone named Erica.  She does not leave any information on the voice mail, so I called it back she is a private investigator trying to find my x wife.  I gave her all the information she wanted.
877-763-2883Rick Aug 09 2011 I got a call from this number as well, it was fromn someone named Kayla.  I called it back but the office is closed. Sounds like they are some kind of investigators.
877-763-2883Stan The Man Aug 09 2011 Rebecca has been calling me asking for location information but she does not tell me on my voice mail who she is looking for.  I don't think I am going to call her back.
877-763-2883Jeff W Aug 09 2011 Someone has been calling me from this number asking for location information.  They are private investigators.  It is about a car accident I caused last year.
877-763-2883Jenny Aug 09 2011 Wow these people have been calling me from this number for about a month.  I finally got tired of the calls so I called back.  They are looking for me in regards to a will from a cousin of mine that I have not seen in a long time.  he left me $2,000.00 Vegas here I come
877-763-2883Gwen Aug 10 2011 Erica called me as well.  I called back they are trying to get ahold of my x husband because his first wife is trying to get child support from him.  I told them I have no dealings with him and do not want any more calls.
877-763-2883Steve F Aug 10 2011 This Rebecca person has been calling me.  When I called her back i found out she is an investigator wanted infromation on a fight I was a witness to at a ball game last year.
877-763-2883Marilyn Aug 11 2011 I have been getting calls several times a day from someone named Erica.  When I finally called back she is looking for someone I don't even know.  Hopefully they will stop calling now
877-763-2883Vince Aug 11 2011 Rebecca has been calling me also she is investigationg an accident that I was involved in about two years ago.  I gave her a statement over the phone and she said I should not get any more calls
877-763-2883Steven Aug 15 2011 I also got calls from Rebecca.  When I called back it was the same thing she is investigating an accident.  All she wanted was a statement for the insurance company.
877-763-2883Mona Aug 16 2011 Someone by the name of Michelle has been calling me everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times.  I finally called back she is a private investigator trying to find my scumbag x husband.  I told her if she can find him let me know he owes me a lot of child support.
877-763-2883Danny Aug 16 2011 Kayla has been calling and calling everyday for about 2 weeks now.  I wasn't going to call back but after looking at these posts I am a little concerned.  I don't know what they could want me for though
877-763-2883Geo54 Aug 17 2011 I have been getting a lot of calls from this company.  I did not call back I thought it was a scam.  I just got served at my home yesterday.  I have a court date in Sep and I don't even know what it is about.  I called them back and now they will not even speak with me.  They said once someone has a court date they can not help them any longer.
877-763-2883Dan Aug 18 2011 Michelle has been calling me a lot from this number.  She does not leave any information on the voice mail.  When I called her back she told me she needed a good service address.  She is an investigator for State Farm Insurance.  They are investigating an accident I was a witness to a couple of years ago.  I gave her a statement it took about 5 mins.
877-763-2883David Aug 19 2011 I Have also been getting calls from this number but it was from someone named Erica.  I called back she was trying to get locatioon info on my neighbors moble home I think they are trying to repo it.  I did not give her any info I can't do that to my neighbor.
877-763-2883Fannie Aug 22 2011 I have been getting a lot of calls from Erica.  I didn't return any of them because I thought it was a scam.  Friday I was served at my job.  Be carefull these people work for the courts.
877-763-2883Tex Aug 23 2011 Have been getting a lot of calls from Rebecca.  Ske is asking for location info on my mother who lives in a different state.  She would not tell me why she wants her so I would not give her any info.
877-763-2883Donna Aug 24 2011 I have been getting a lot of calls from this number after about a week I called back because the calls were getting very anoying.  I spoke with Gina she is some kind of investigator.  She is looking for an old neighbor of mine.  I didn't have any information to give her because I have not seen this person in over a year.
877-763-2883Detroit Dan Aug 25 2011 I have been getting a lot of messages from this company as well.  The person calling me is named Kelli.  I did call back she is  looking for my dead beat brother in laws 2009 Honda.  I told her were he works at the car is parked there everyday.
877-763-2883A Nony Mouse Aug 25 2011 Theresa, as she calls herself, is getting quite cranky that I'm not returning her phone calls. OK, so you got a file on your desk. It's about someone I know. Well, then why don't you do YOUR job and leave me alone, or else, you get to pay me $1500 for me to do your job, and I get paid in advance!Sorry, I don't do other people's work. That's why she gets paid the small bucks.
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