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877-316-2157RoHe Mar 25 2008 Automated call from 877-316-2157 claiming they were Wells Fargo Bank needing to discuss some recent, unexpected activity on my ATM card. I hung up and direct dialed the bank.There was ATM activity on my account that I didn't know about. So this is a SCAM!
877-316-2157Eben Hopson Oct 28 2008 Asking to verify details about a recent ATM activity in our account.
877-316-2157bob wallace Nov 08 2008 From wells fargo to verify transactions.
877-316-2157ptag Nov 21 2008 caller id 8773162157This is someone trying to get info - not Wells Fargo. I reported this to Wells Fargo. this is going around the country and they can't track down the caller either.
877-316-2157kevin Nov 25 2008 just got this call last night - no identifier, just a message to return the call.  i didn't.  thanks for the info!k
877-316-2157smarter than that Jan 28 2009 they had the wrong name and I dont have an account with wells fargo.the call said it was for Priscilla.
877-316-2157tomiii Feb 02 2009 I just received this call from an apparently automated system claimingto be from wells fargo's fraud department asking to verify some recenttransactions.  Although the name they provided was someone who liveshere, that person was unavailable so I pressed #5 (1==you, 5==not you).The voice said they would try again later, and asked to call 877-316-2157with any questions.
877-316-2157rick Feb 27 2009 Got call and voice message from 877-316-2157 on cell. Obvious scam disguised as wells fargo fraud department. I called 877-316-2157 just to see what would happen and was asked by robotic voice to enter "last four digits of card number". I entered 5-5-5 and hung up with the program waiting for another digit. Hope I bolixed their stupid system. I don't even have a wells fargo account, and my cell phone is NEW, the number only a few days old! I made the call from my landline phone.
877-316-2157jundi Mar 09 2009 Phishing scam! I contacted Wells Fargo and they confirmed that its not them making the calls. I reported the number so we can hope they catch this scum.
877-316-2157Taylor May 25 2009 Answered call from 877-316-2157 automated voice identified itself as Wells Fargo ATM Fraud Dept. Requested that I call it back to get more info. (I do use Wells Fargo. Also note that this call came in morning of Memorial Day). I called 800-869-3557 Wells Fargo 24 hour customer service & spoke to an Andrew. Told him of the call gave him the call #. He did verify to me that this was in fact a legitimate call from them Wells Fargo Fraud Dept. Just thought I'd let you all know.Have a great day!!!!Taylor
877-316-2157E Oct 19 2009 I would not trust the comment it is wells fargo fraud department since this person is the only person that got good claims... the numbers out weigh... thumbs down.
877-316-2157Chris Jun 09 2010 It is Wells Fargo guys.@rick, you answered your own question, "my phone is new."  A person with your number previously is who they are trying to contact.It is legit.Always a good idea to hang up and dial your bank directly.
877-316-2157Craig Jun 28 2010 got a voice message on home phone. claiming to be wells fargo fraud protection. did not call back.
877-316-2157Andrea Nov 27 2010 "There was ATM activity on my account that I didn't know about. So this is a SCAM!"If this is true then it would appear this is a legitimate reason for calling you -- to advise you of the activity, No?
877-316-2157Andrea Nov 27 2010 I got two of these WF robo-calls today.  I didn't give up any info, mostly because they called me.I have an account and a card with them, and had a snafu using the card today. They called asking for me by name, which they had correct, saying it was Fraud Prevention calling about weird use of my card today.If this were a scam, they would be batting 4 for 4 so far: my real name, my unlisted landline #, the fact that I transact with Wells Fargo, and had a glitch with my card today.  I called 18773162157 back at 8:30 PM, about 15 minutes after receiving the call, and the message was, "This is WF Fraud Prevention, but we are closed now. Please call back tomorrow after 10 am Central Time." I'm inclined to think this is legit, and they're on the mark about the anomaly.  Fraud is rampant and financial institutes need to be aggressive so I don't mind a false positive every now and then.Of note: The WF doesn't show this # as a Fraud Prevention department #, but it also leads you nowhere if you're not willing to enter an account #.I'll check back here later. Be careful.
877-316-2157A-star Jan 05 2011 You can only imagine that if this actually *IS* Wells Fargo, they are complete idiots.  Clearly any sane person would immediately assume that any call from a number they do not know asking for personal information would in any case ASSUME it was a phishing call... so it would be a very ineffective way to do business.  I agree that as a phishing call, the phishers would be assuming the opposite about what sane people would do... but the phishers only need a tiny fraction of responders to do what they are hoping for to be successful, while Wells Fargo would need an overwhelming majority to do what they are asking for in order to be successful.    Having done business with Wells Fargo for many years, and having generally been satisfied with their ability to not do rediculous things, I have to go with the simple analysis that this call would ONLY be effective for phishers, therefore it is probably from phishers.
877-316-2157fed up Jan 23 2011 I just got a call from this number I don't answer these calls, I looked them up as I just did with this one to see what others experienced.  In the past when I did answer its like they come up with something from the past thats not even close to anything which I in turn would say I don't even shop there and then I actually realized thats what they do pump you for info.I hate thieves, why don't they get jobs that are legal and stop ripping off people who earn their livings.
877-316-2157Will Jan 31 2011 I got a phone call from this 877 number. It was an automated message which stated that I should call that 877 number back to verify PIN transactions that had been placed with my card. I called the number back without checking online to see if this was a scam or not -- I only thought about it after I had given them all my information. After seeing these reports that the 877 number is a phishing scam, I called the the Wells Fargo number on the back of my card and had the representative transfer me to their fraud detection department. The fraud detection representative that I contacted through their main number confirmed with me that there had been a block placed on my card and that the block was removed 10 minutes earlier because I called in. He was able to verify the information that the 877 representative got from me. So, this number is not scam.Furthermore, the fraud detection agent had several of my old telephone numbers on file; numbers that I no longer use. So, it's possible that you may receive a phone call from Wells Fargo, even if you don't have an account there, if you currently have the phone number that was previously associated with a legitimate Wells Fargo account.TL;DR - Calls coming from 877-316-2157 are NOT A SCAM. The number is LEGIT.
877-316-2157Bingo Bob Oct 31 2011 This is absolute phishing!  They want your card number, the validation number, and your PIN.  Then, they have everything and can clear your account.  If caught, these slime-ball scum-buckets should not be placed in prison, they should be shot in the knees and limp for life.  These are truly worthless excuses for human beings.  Their call sounds so real and if you call them back, everything is so perfectly professional.  That is how these slimeballs get people to freely give them their information.No card company is going to ask for your account number unless YOU are calling them on the 1-800 number on the back of your card.
877-316-2157Anotherconcerned Citizen Nov 16 2011 The automated female "professionally sounding voice" --CALL ID displayed 877-316-2157 and Picked up by answering machine. The message was pretty detailed asking to replay to Wells Fargo Bank Fraud detection department and have debit/credit card and pin number available when calling.I don't even have a Wells Fargo account! Another call came 2 days later, this time with a different Call ID number 800-723-5533. A "real person" asking for someone else and similar story about contacting Wells Fargo Fraud protection. HOWEVER, call was to be returned to 888-293-7495 and have card available when calling.CONSUMERS BE AWARE--This is a scam. Always contact your bank directly either through a branch or legitimate number imprinted in your legitimate card (if it's your card in question) and if you have any dealings with that bank. Maybe there is something to think about taking your funds to a local credit union or community bank, BUT PHISHING, cyber Internet scams, telemarketing, and the like are on the rise.Be careful!
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