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876-384-4138JLR Jan 08 2012 David Richmond called me from this number and said I had won $1.5 million from Publisher's Clearing House.  To get the prize, I would need to send and amount of 1% to finish paying the taxable amount, not covered by the company.  SCAM!
876-384-4138Virginia Jan 27 2012 They have called me two days in a row.  Different message yesterday, something about a cashiers check, couldn't understand him.  Today it was about my being one of four winners in the Publishers Clearing House, which I never send anything in to.  Then after I don't answer the call I get another call from a cell phone located in Kingston, Jm!  Same voice.
876-384-4138A Web User Oct 03 2012 Said I had won a large sum of money and that it needed to be delivered today. Wanted me to call him back in 5 minutes at 1-876-384-3433 and would call me if I didn't call him. Asked for my husband's birth date, which I did not confirm. I also did not call him back nor did I hear from him again.
876-384-4138A Web User Jan 08 2012 Said I had won $1.5 from publishers clearing house, but needed to send 1% of the taxable amount in order to get a receipt to provide the Award Team. SCAM!!
876-384-4138A Web User Jan 08 2012 David Richmond called me from this number, left a message, so I returned the call. It seems I won $1.5 million from Publisher's Clearing House. They had paid 99% of the taxes for me (wasn't that nice) and I needed to pay the balance to receive a receipt to show the award team to collect my prize. Seems everything has a hitch!
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