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866-539-8803Juno Feb 08 2008 Who is this !? I usually don't pick the calls up with 8 number . I hate those !!
866-539-8803dunno Feb 11 2008 tried calling back this # and waited for "the next customer service representative" for 10min
866-539-8803dude Mar 11 2008 Got this number, with some guy with an indian or pakistani accent telling me its very important I call back.
866-539-8803Sam Mar 29 2012 I answered the phone and was told that it was Windows Help Line. They were getting "malware" on their mainframe and that there was something wrong with my system. I refused to talk any further, He gave me the phone number 1- 866-539-8803. He said his name was James Watson.  He spoke with a thick middle eastern accent. The name and the accent didn't match.I didn't call that number; but, microsoft are not aware of this. They suggested that it seemes like a scam!!!!!!!!!
866-539-8803Anonymous Mar 13 2013 Claim to be technical dept of windows computers.telling me how infercted my computer is with malware, etc. Promoted download fromteamwork.com to allow them access to my computer. Victor was the second guy I talked to - don't remember the name of the first. Had an answerfor every one of my qualms about the call. I did not proceed.
866-539-8803Anonymous Apr 25 2013 He called my home phone and told me that he worked for (not quite sure this is what he said ,he had a very heavy accent but it was something like PC Pro Mechanic) told me he was calling from NY and that he was calling on behalf of Windows and that my e-mail was terribly infected and that he wanted me to turn my computer on so he could help me fix it. I told him no I wanted the number he was calling from. He gave me my phone number and address, I told him he could have gotten it out of the phone book. He became angry and told me to go turn my computer on now so he could fix it and I told him no and hung up on him.
866-539-8803gmahatesfraud May 14 2013 Got the same idiot calling me! I told him he was an idiot if he thought I was going to give him ANY access to anything on my computer. I told him I was going to contact the FBI, BBB and my government. Wow...
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