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Tel No. Name Date Comment
866-260-2211Anonymous Jul 11 2012 it is a rcorded message, no way to respomd, call back or ask them to stop.
866-260-2211Anonymous Jul 11 2012 Calls all times of day and nite, 7 days a week
866-260-2211Anonymous Jul 24 2012 Calls my business phone every day - one or more times a day and they hang up. It is wasting time that I am being paid to work!
866-260-2211Anonymous Aug 01 2012 The caller calls my cell phone multiple times each day, 7 days a week. My cell has been registered on the Do Not Call list, but obviously this does not make a difference to this caller. Do not know the name or other pertinent information on this caller.
866-260-2211Anonymous Aug 03 2012 Calls home phone every morning. Upon answering, silence. Need to know how to block number.
866-260-2211Bill Aug 03 2012 They did not leave a message just hung up. Another website like this site here, reports that the call is for Nuance software for dragon.
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