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Tel No. Name Date Comment
616-980-2159dorothy Jun 20 2008 Called here 12:58pm june 20
616-980-2159Stanford May 13 2008 a missed ring
616-980-2159Adell Jun 11 2008 rang here 12:58pm june twenty
616-980-2159Tyson Sep 04 2008 soon after numerous weeks of receiveing rings with no.s reported on this site, this no. came up as a local newspaper in Albany New York (Times Union. ) this is a telemarketer attempting to get to subscribe. we already get this paper, however realized that we filled out a sweepstake form at a local grocery market sponsored by this newspaper. we will be phoning the paper to complain.
616-980-2159Debra Mar 05 2010 therefore much for dont ring sign up
616-980-2159Chang Mar 29 2010 The ring numerous times daily & are highly irritating. Local Times Union Newspaper.
616-980-2159Laurinda Apr 06 2010 we am getting rings with this no. numerous times a month however never ever reply the phone. & soon as our picking up machine picks up the call, these people put the phone down never ever leaving a msg. we agree with Fred. therefore much for the dont ring registry! thanks all for the info on who was phoning. Now we know.
616-980-2159Lorilee Jun 23 2010 we get this ring numerous times a day! we have the no. blocked now however the ring comes up with "Times Union". soon after having requested constantly to be put on their "don't ring list" (and being on the donotcall registry) we decided to file a complain with the federal trade commission -- donotcall has a "file a complaint" section. these people are relentless & attempt to use the "coupons" now as a selling point. . I will never ever subscribe again -- that is for sure!
616-980-2159dorothy Jun 20 2008 Called here 12:58pm june 20
616-980-2159DickInMyMouth Oct 03 2012 STOP CALLIN ME
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