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Tel No. Name Date Comment
313-724-4966Barry Dec 07 2007 Nothing left on machine.
313-724-4966Barry Dec 07 2007 Nothing left on machine.
313-724-4966Elenor Nov 14 2007 Nothing ended up leaving on machine.
313-724-4966Mac May 03 2009 YA these people ARE DOING A REFERENCE CHECK TO confirm A NW EMPLOYEES REFERENCE
313-724-4966Ute Jun 12 2009 this is Oakwood Hospital receiving us registered for our surgery.
313-724-4966Dwight Oct 09 2010 Nothing was ended up leaving of the carNothing was ended up leaving of the car.
313-724-4966Estella Mar 08 2011 This was a no. with oakwood hospital in talyor Michigan. You cant ring this back cos it is only a outgoing no.
313-724-4966Florine Apr 12 2011 ring at 530AM no msg
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