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Tel No. Name Date Comment
210-239-0404Kira Aug 28 2012 Called my cell phone.
210-239-0404Garry Aug 18 2012 rang our mobile phone.
210-239-0404No scumbag lover Sep 28 2012 Automated voice saying, 'This message is for.....' Dubbed, heavy accented male gave name.'I hung up, checked postings, listed this one.Earlier this week had 'Xavier' call regarding my 'debts.'  Xavier sounds like a 2012 'Cheech' with is laid back telephone voice.  To verify my ID, he wanted my 'last 4 SSN' which is a well known identity thefit scam.
210-239-0404Carmen Oct 06 2012 Received phone call. Did not answer.
210-239-0404catmando Dec 05 2012 Keeps calling our business looking for Sylvia and we have no one by that name....automated debt caller.
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