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203-204-2992Bridget Oct 13 2012 Got a call from this number. Any idea who it could be?
203-204-2992m Oct 10 2012 i got a call to, 20 sec of dead air
203-204-2992m Oct 10 2012 They call every day. please make it stop ; )
203-204-2992Anonymous Nov 09 2012 robo-call
203-204-2992Anonymous Nov 14 2012 please qyuit calling
203-204-2992Julie Nov 15 2012 I have gotten two calls from this number today, no message. No clue who this is.
203-204-2992liz Dec 04 2012 It is a telemarketer regarding some kind of protection for your car, I think it is a scam I called the number back and got the name Jeff and asked him to put me on his do not call list, he new what kind of car i used to drive.
203-204-2992Arnulfo Sep 16 2012 had a ring with this no. Any clue who this could be?
203-204-2992Lilla Sep 26 2012 we had a ring to, twenty sec of silence
203-204-2992Bennie Sep 30 2012 these people ring every day. please make this quit ; )
203-204-2992Anonymous Jan 26 2013 no one ever talks when I pick up the phone.
203-204-2992Sandy Jan 31 2013 Have had numerous calls, at any time of the day. They never leave a message. Getting very agitated by them.
203-204-2992Melody Feb 07 2013 They said they were Vehicle Potection Direct and asked me about a car I owned 2 cars ago!  Said they wanted to extend my warranty and called me at work!  SCAM!
203-204-2992Christy Feb 13 2013 Several calls and ask for my husband.  When I said he was not home, they hung up.  I called back and they hung up again!!!
203-204-2992DJ Feb 26 2013 Has called a number of times.  Does not leave message.  Caller ID shows the phone number only..  When there is NO company name.usually it's for a reason.   When individuals like this call and disturb you by letting the phone ring a number of times, and don't leave a message, it is harassment.  If it's not worth leaving a message, then don't bother me.
203-204-2992Louis Michiels Apr 22 2013 This number continues to call my home phone number.
203-204-2992Anonymous May 08 2013 203.204.2992 keeps calling and does not leave a message.
203-204-2992Wendy May 08 2013 When I call back, it says this number is not even in service, so then, how could it call?
203-204-2992Anonymous May 20 2013 Caller called attemtping to sell me vehicle protection to a vehicle I do not even own. When they call they will let it ring numerous as in more than 10 times. Very bothersome.
203-204-2992Anonymous Jun 07 2013 Call from this number several times a day. If leaving it ringing, it will just hang up. When picked the phone to respond, it just stay silent and when allowed the connection to continue, it would just "hang up".
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