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01942710601shaun Feb 22 2012 it is money expert i had a call twice in 10mins just told them go away stop calling me
01942710601barrie Mar 14 2012 they keep ringing me once at the same time everyday round 5pm then ring of,everytime I try to ring back its just music an no one picks up I do not want them to contact me again
01942710601shaun Feb 22 2012 it is money expert i had a call twice in 10mins just told them go away stop calling me
01942710601barrie Mar 14 2012 they keep ringing me once at the same time everyday round 5pm then ring of,everytime I try to ring back its just music an no one picks up I do not want them to contact me again
01942710601laura Jun 26 2012 ive answered this number before and they said it was to do with insurance! i told them i wasnt interested and yet they keep calling!!!
01942710601kristina Sep 11 2012 I've just seen a tweet from martin lewis saying these are fraudulent calls as money saving expert to not call people or sell things! Block this number!!
01942710601Adele Sep 11 2012 Also seen Martin Lewis's post on facebook.  these people calling are NOTHING to do with money saving expert it is fraudsters posing as his company.  MoneySavingExpert does not sell anything and certainly would not be cold calling.  In fact he is quite upset that people are doing this in his name :(
01942710601Anthony Barrett Sep 22 2012 Keep getting calls from this number couple of times a day and nothing is said,is this ascam or do want you to call them back ,is it a premium number?
01942710601STUART NORTHEY Sep 27 2012 Phoned up saying they were Money saving expert. Straight on asking about would I like to try to cliam PPI back. They should be reported !!
01942710601realm2061 Oct 04 2012 i have received calls from this number every evening around the same time saying they are moneysaving expert, i have asked them nicely to stop calling me they still continue to call. I'm not so polite when i answer it.
01942710601Person Oct 05 2012 Just had three calls in a row from this number. When I answer they ask me for my name. I ask who's calling and they tell me they've got the wrong number. I ask how do they know if they've got the wrong number if they don't know who they've called and they hang up. Don't give these guys your name.
01942710601barry Oct 06 2012 dont keep call my number i dont know you no name no answer
01942710601geoff Oct 08 2012 money expert and money saving expert are two completely different companys. i can assure you money expert has a call centre.
01942710601susan Oct 08 2012 Dont put your phone number on the internet if you do not want to receive calls
01942710601samantha Oct 08 2012 Money saving expert and MONEY EXPERT are two different companies, money savings expert does not have a call centre, whereas money EXPERT does, they offer things from debt help, ppi claim backs, life insurance, a number of different loans, they are also the only company in the whole of the UK to offer its clients who are in debt a debt settlement plan. They have a website, are registered with the ministry of justice and the financial ombudsmen. Keep an eye out for their television advert.   i hope that puts all of your minds at ease. as they are a registerd company with a call centre and staff. IF YOU DO NOT WANT CALLS DO NOT PUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER ON THE INTERNET, i cannot stress this enough.
01942710601anigroeg Oct 08 2012 called twice today - called them back first time to get music second time they rang they cut off - pain in the backside should be blocked!!!
01942710601shriapa Jan 01 1970 they phone around 1830 but never speak
01942710601shriapa Oct 11 2012 they phone around 1830 but never speak
01942710601Mrs T Oct 13 2012 Please stop calling me.... I don't know who you are or what you want..... I have told you not to call but you still keep pestering me with calls..
01942710601Jackie Oct 16 2012 Ask them how they got your number they soon hang up
01942710601Peter Oct 25 2012 Twice a day for the last week, but they're on my blacklist so it just gets cut off. Let them waster their money I don't mind !!Call Control for Android, you know it makes sense !
01942710601david white Nov 04 2012 I have received several calls from this number but every time I answer their is no one there and phone is disconnected.
01942710601Karen Turner Nov 08 2012 this phone number keeps calling me once or twice a day Mon-Friday never speak
01942710601Kelvin Feb 13 2012 this was money expert we got a ring two times in 10mins just informed 'em go away quit phoning us
01942710601Anonymous Apr 30 2013 I have been called a few times by this number, and the phone is then silent. I think it's a scammer.
01942710601Grrr May 16 2013 I am constantly being called from this number it doesn't matter how may times you tell them to stop, to remove your phone number from their systems they just ignore you. I thought there were laws in this country to protect residents from this sort of abuse of their information. While companies like this one are allowed to continue trading and openly harassing people this whole problem of spam calling and texting is never going to stop. It's high time when there are a number of blogs online to suggest that a company is breaking the law and/or causing the public a nuisance then they should face heavy fines and be forced to stop trading. That way members of the public like myself might have a bit of peace and quiet from the pestilent individuals who delight in disturbing our peace with their unwanted phone calls and texts!
01942710601John Coldwell May 20 2013 They claimed to be calling from customer services at MoneySupermarket.com regarding a recent mortgage search I'd carried out. I hadn't, so to me they are suspect.
01942710601Anonymous May 22 2013 I have had two calls from this number to my work phone, and both times I answered it the line went silent. I called them back, and the man who answered sounded like he was on a mobile and was walking. He said the reason I would have been called is because I made an inquiry to money expert when I hadn't. Overall sounded a bit suspicious!
01942710601Anonymous May 22 2013 I have just had a call from this number. I did ask for some mortgage advise so it must be related to money supermarket. I still didn't answer though.
01942710601A M GRIFFITHS May 28 2013
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