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01642717504Frank Oct 03 2012 got a disconnected call when answered
01642717504maeve holden Oct 11 2012 Ive called back this number today and when they answered they claimed they were a company called laon solutions. Can anybody tell me if they are legit??
01642717504Nan Oct 11 2012 As scam loan companies change names with great regularity, who knows.   However, if they (1) cold call you (2) Have Asian accents and Western names and (3) want an up front fee either by voucher or bank card, then they are a scam. If any of these three things apply then no matter what they offer or how genuine they sound do not touch them.  You will lose your money and there is no and never has been a loan.
01642717504IMcD Oct 15 2012 This company always asks for someone by first name who does not live in my house.My solution is if you recognise a nusance number answer in one of two ways"Hello Taxton taxi service how can i help"or " Hello (your local town) Police station, how can I help"Funny enough you get taken off the register after a "oh sorry wrong number" response.If you get caught out and get to the point where they ask for someone say sure they are outside i'll get them for you, then just leave your phone on the side for 10 mins. They don't call back.
01642717504Mayank Oct 17 2012 I got a call from 01642717500 and 01642717504 and they were offering me a personal loan of 5000 pounds. They claimed they are from a company called LOAN SOLUTIONS. However, I suspect that the call was legitimate because they approved my loan amount immediately like in 2 mins and in the end they asked me an admin fee of 79.99 pounds and wanted my bank details!! I am going to make a police complaint against these numbers even though I did not give my bank details. These people should be tracked and tamed!!
01642717504ash Nov 15 2012 yh they r a legit loans broker, charge an admin fee of £80 and r supposed to put u in touch with lenders, be warned tho, if ur credit history is crap then ur not likely to get a loan anyway,  also dont payout up front fees or ukash vouchers to any "lender", no matter how good they sound as they will take ur money and run n ur outta pocket with no loan given, scammers  b****stards,  my friend got caught out with that one!.apparently they needed a deposit for first payment to check she could afford to make the repayments each month,,,,eerr, how does a one off payment prove ability to pay long term, then they had the cheek to phone her back n ask for a second payment as processing fee for accounts, i took that call for her and after the questions of which financial governing body r u registered with n could i have the number please, plus two other similar questions requiring names,addresses and proof they hung up n did not phone back,
01642717504Jackrussell Dec 11 2012 This caller has been pestering me with calls for a couple of weeks now.  When asked who they were they hung up.  I called the number back and found out they were Loan Solutions company offering me a loan.  My number is ex-directory and I've signed up to all the called calling prevention people and still I get these scam calls.  I don't how to stop it yet but will be contacting my local trading standards.
01642717504michelle Jan 04 2013 They phoned and when I answered no one talked then after 30 seconds they put the phone down
01642717504dave Jan 14 2013 ye they are legit. i am getting a loan from them today to consolidate debts.
01642717504sally Feb 18 2013 Did you get your loan ok?
01642717504Marian Wasiewski Feb 21 2013 wants to apply for a credit card
01642717504Aida Sep 07 2012 had a cut off ring soon as picked up
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