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01269849011Digz Aug 29 2012 Think they bogus, other sites say 'debt recovery' I'm clean so screw'em!
01269849011Jimmy Aug 05 2012 rang our unpublished house no.
01269849011Digz Aug 29 2012 Think they bogus, other sites say 'debt recovery' I'm clean so screw'em!
01269849011Paul C Sep 24 2012 Number Not Recognised 24th Sept 2012. Hopefully one more scrounging company gone bust!
01269849011Tarquin Oct 02 2012 Believe they are some dodgy debt collection firm, use heavy tactics to force "payment"
01269849011Mary Oct 09 2012 This number called me this afternoon.  Fortunately (on this ocassion) my mobile coverage is so patchy that I didn't receive the call, just a message from TMobile to tell me I missed it.  Looks like another one to ignore in future.  My thanks to all on Who Calls Me.
01269849011julie button Nov 09 2012 got a call from this number who is it when i rang it back it said number not recognised
01269849011CW Dec 06 2012 Hi, I've just had a call from this number & the lady, think it was a lady; wanted to speak to my husband.  I said he was at work & she said she was calling from Occupational Health.  Why they were calling I do not know!!  I called them back & the number wasn't recognised.  Won't be answering the phone to that number again.
01269849011MadnLez Jan 25 2013 Got a call from this number tonight but have caller ID.  Didn't recgonize number so didn't answer. Lucky for me I didn't reading some of these comments on here, thank you
01269849011Mike Jan 31 2013 PPI telepest! The same people called me back from 0120420004. Both number are fake caller ID.
01269849011Worcester man Mar 07 2013 Other sites show this numberas PPI & accident claims. Clearly a scam number report to OCI.  Did go through to answer phone but no message left.
01269849011Nuneaton Mar 09 2013 It's telepests - about time the gov started to act on these referral agencies who call. Simple, they get a recommendation fee from companies who take the calls - and where there are payment, there are telepests!!
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