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00442070609336missy Jul 19 2012 have had 2 calls from this number now, they only say goodbye and then hang up. have no idea who it is
00442070609336Unknown Jul 20 2012 I received a call from this number today, I answered and just heard lots of noise. Sounded like the call was from an office. They eventually cut me off
00442070609336Gerry Jul 29 2012 My Wife received a call from this number and a foreign sounding chap was trying to say that they can reclaim  compensation on miss- sold mortgages.Obviously our policy is to ignore any telephone soliciting , due to the security implications .We would advise anyone to adopt the same policy.
00442070609336davician Aug 03 2012 Had a call today (4th August 2012)  telling me I had a claim on my credit card for compensation.  Asked usual confirmation questions re my name, postcode.  Asked me which bank I was with.  Refused to answer saying I would only confirm.  Said they were acting on behalf of my bank.  I said you know who it is then.  They hung up.
00442070609336clark Aug 06 2012 they called asked for my mum "mrs clark" and when i said i wasnt her they said ok and refused to tell me who they were when i called them back they cut me off several times
00442070609336carter09s Aug 09 2012 I was called by the number 00442070609336 and told the company calling was "First Call " and they were speaking to my bank about my PPI claim. I do not have a PPI claim. The female person who gave an English name but sounded of Asian origin said she had all my details and was looking at my account with my bank. When I asked her which Bank that was she tried to change the subject so I asked again and her reply was I must be in a bad mood this morning and promptly hung up. I called the number back and the guy who answered said "First Call". I said I had been called by the number quoted and his reply was it would have been one of his colleagues calling regarding my PPI claim. I reiterated I DO NOT HAVE A PPI CLAIM and said if I did I would be able to approach my bank for a refund and would not need anybody to help me. This is a definite scam and obvoiusly I would have been asked where I would like my refund paying to. Please warn people of this number. I do not believe the company name given as it would appear First Call are a large reputable company.
00442070609336themuckroom Aug 17 2012 Just avoid this call, some foreign call centre in a noisy, garbled room who hang up on you if you are half way articulate.  Obviously looking for vulnerable folk to swindle.  At least these nuisance calls give me a bit of excercise jogging back and forth to the telephone.....sigh....
00442070609336Graham Aug 29 2012 A south African sounding guy, from First Call Helpline...he asked for me, and when I said it wasn't me speaking (liar!) he wouldn't say what the call was about
00442070609336jazzy Aug 29 2012 Got a call today August 29th, saying they are first call and i could claim ppi money back.The girl was asian and spoke very bad english.told her her i was not interestested,asked how she got my number phone went dead. i am exdirectory so it makes me wonder. Trouble is i belong to a company called first call and it's a medical alert system,shall have to warn them about these people.
00442070609336Miss-chief Aug 31 2012 I've just had a phone call off this number, they struggled to pronounce my surname..which is actually very easy to pronounce. I said they had the wrong number and they then said my address. I hung up. But am now freaked out as to where they are getting this information from.The did not introduce themselves either.
00442070609336mel Sep 03 2012 No matter who they say they are, they are spoofing a phone number to hide their real identity. The call is unsolicited and usually unwanted.NEVER give cold callers any information, do not confirm the name they say, don't try to correct them. Protect yourself by refusing to answer any questions, they soon get fed up and terminate the call. In my case I was called some quite choice "Olde English" words, despite their obvious Asian origin!Neither Ofcom or TPS can do anything about overseas calls coming in it seems, which is a pity. I'd like to see them all banned!
00442070609336kbush Sep 06 2012 scary this number has contacted my work place on several occassions saying the same thing about compensation reclaims etc.... but they had a collegues name on their sytem and my collegue has no idea how they know her name and how they got her details.
00442070609336John Sep 08 2012 Had a call today 8th Sept this is the second call I have had from these people .The first call was from an aisanman telling me I might be intitled to compensation on my creidt card .When I took out my loan my bank may have miss sold the loan to me with no insurance.I said I was'nt sure he said he would check and call me back when was a suitable time to call.I did'nt believe what he had to say so I give him a time  to call when I would be out.He could'nt get me two weeks later I get another call from an aisan woman saying my name wrong and saying her collegue rang me a few weeks ago and could'nt get me they were calling from First call help call help line giving her name Millisa.Telling me again I might  be intitled to compensation on my creidt card Asked the usual ? re my name post code asked me which bank I was with how long have I had my creidt card what was my age I did'nt give her.She would ask her collegue to check it out and would get back to me what was the best time to call me I give then a time to call me. After the call I rang 1471 and wrote down this number 00442070609336 and checked it on my computer.I  seen I am not the only one who has had this call I know now it is a scam I thought I better warn other people of this type off call to Protect yourselfs  by refusing to answer any questions.
00442070609336Bill Sep 20 2012 Another 'no message' call intercepted by our answerphone. Where do these bizare numbers originate?
00442070609336Shiny317 Sep 25 2012 Persistant lot, they call every couple of days, despite my previous encounter with them.Unsolicited call from an obviously spoofed number. There are telephone systems available that allow these people to show a caller ID that may, or may not, be real. The systems were designed for overseas call centres to show a UK number on a call, so the person called could see what appears to be a genuine number. Banks, Internet providers and others use overseas call centres, but want you to think their 'team' are in the UK. The technology has been sold on and copied and is now being mis-used by other call centres, who tout for business with PPI claims firms and the like, saying they can bring in new clients. If they only get 1 in 80 calls that is interested in starting a claim then they'll get paid commission for the business lead, which makes it worthwhile annoying the hell out of the other 79. They don't care.As already stated, DO NOT give these people any information, don't confirm bank details - even if they guess the right bank. Either ignore the call, if you have caller ID, or pick up and hang up. If you don't know who it is calling then treat them like you would someone stopping you on the street and asking for you to hand over your purse...
00442070609336rez Oct 01 2012 Had a call from this number earlier this evening.  Caller did not have a foreign accent and wanted to sell me some sort of rebate.  On hearing this I just put the phone down on him.
00442070609336Lou Oct 02 2012 Got about 4 calls from this number in last few weeks- never say anything, hanging up after a few seconds.Unwanted harassment.
00442070609336Molly Jul 02 2012 have got two rings with this no. now, these people only say goodbye & subsequently put the phone down have no clue who this was
00442070609336DWJ Aug 31 2012 Some foreign guy who had my full name -I put the phone down
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